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$20/1 hr casual class

$20 2 week introductory pass  

$180/10x 1 hr class pass 

$45 Fortnightly Family Class Pass (Book 3 classes over 2 weeks and save $10 - available to use for SunSoul Flow, Messy Playgroup and Kids Connect Yoga)

BringYoga mat, water bottle, bolster (if you have one)

To book: 

SunSoul Flow

SunSoul Flow Yoga
w Bec

MONDAYS 6.00-7.00pm


A vinyasa sequence harnessing the energising power of the sun (ha) with movements that meditatively flow from one to the other, to strengthen muscles and allow the spine to realign after the days activities. Each week the flow will vary, allowing yogis to try new things. With lots of modifications provided, yogis can take ownership of their practice and decide on their level of difficulty.


Along the way there will be chances to tap into the calming aspects of the moon (tha) by paying attention to releasing tension in the body with longer asana holds coupled with breathwork. 


Great for all! 


Perfect for those wanting a bit of a spicy flow to start their week, those who like to feel surprised and delighted in trying different yoga poses.  

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