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Men's Movement &

w/ Mick from The Mindful Men Project

The Mindful Men Project exists to elevate men's physical and mental wellbeing. 


Our Men’s Movement & Mindfulness session structure is as follows:

🕺🏼 Mobility

🏋🏼‍♂️ Movement

🧘🏼‍♂️ Mindfulness


After the session, for those that would like to join, we’ll head down to Cargo Espresso Bar for a coffee and a swim. 


We'd love to see you there!


My name is Mick and I’m a local Personal Trainer, Health Coach and Mindfulness & Meditation teacher.  

I’m also a husband and father of two crazy yet amazing kids.


My late pop used to make a toast before every meal. He’d raise his glass and say “to health and happiness”.

Over the years I’ve realised that he was onto something - because if we don’t have our health and happiness, everything else is just white noise.


I have made it my personal mission to help people create healthier and happier lives. My business Kudos Health was born from this burning desire, but more recently I have launched The Mindful Men Project.


Men’s mental and physical health has always been a passion of mine so TMMP was created to help elevate the default state of men’s health and happiness.


Our Men’s Movement & Mindfulness program is just a small piece of the puzzle. 

Mick Davies

When: 7.00-8.00am on the last Saturday of each month kicking off on Saturday 26th August. 

Investment: $20/session

Bring: Water bottle, large towel

To book: 

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