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Welcome to the Sunny Souled community

Hi! We're so happy to have you.

Sunny Souled is a space for everyone. A space to feel a connection with others, a space to learn a new skill, a space to express yourself, a space to share your passions with others, a space to bring your tribe together, or a space to take some inward reflection and find some quiet amongst the busyness. 

The bottom line is, we want you to feel good no matter what reason you come here for! 

So, please take a moment to check out our offerings, we think you'll find something here to help you cultivate a sunny soul.  
Regular Classes


I'm Bec, founder of Sunny Souled

I'm a mum, yogi, creative and definite overthinker!


After quitting my 9-5, I was searching for something real, and plop, the Sunny Souled Community Space, previously know to locals as the Scout Hall (and still owned by them), fell into my lap!


Golly am I so grateful it did! My family and I are so fortunate to call the sunny, surfy, chilled out village of Redhead our home. And for us Sunny Souled is just an extension of all the things we love to do. Connect, move, create, listen and hug, lots of hugs!  


Sunny Souled is a space intended to make people feel at home no matter their reason for visiting. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do! 

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